About Rosh Sillars Architectural Photographer

Rosh Sillars specializes in architectural photography. He is available nationally. His clients include interior designers, architects, magazines, large and small businesses. Rosh uses sunlight, and when photographing interior rooms he combines ambient light and light from his strobes and Photoshop techniques to create images that represent each your works full potential. Today businesses, designers, architects, and construction marketing professionals need to be more creative then ever to gain the attention and trust of prospects. Design, illustration, copy writing and photography have become more sophisticated over the last few years. “Good enough” will not work anymore. Every day companies are realizing that their Web site is a prospect’s first impression. The need for quality, creativity and the ability to tell their unique story is a path to new business opportunities. The digital age has opened the door for more people to enjoy the craft of photography. Advances in photography have allowed amateurs to create well composed, exposed and in-focus images. Good images. A creative professional photographer can take a business’s imagery to a higher plane. A level that will cut through the noise of average photography. Quality stock photography can’t solve all the of a business’s imagery needs. As a partial result of the consolidation of the stock industry, often original customized photography can be more cost-effective and satisfying to a company’s needs. Rosh prides himself on being easy to work with, a team player and respectful of his client’s time. He uses his years of experience as a corporate photographer to create custom images that stand out.


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