About Rosh Sillars Architectural Photographer

Architectural Photographer Specialist

Rosh Sillars specializes in architectural photography. He is available nationally. His clients include interior designers, architects, magazines, large and small businesses in and outside of Metro Detroit.

Rosh uses multiple styles and light sources such as sunlight and strobe. When he photographs interior rooms he combines ambient light and light from his strobes, as well as, Photoshop techniques to create images that represent each of your works' full potential.

These days, businesses, designers, architects, contractors and marketing professionals need to be more creative than ever to gain the attention and trust of new prospects. Design, illustration, copywriting and photography have become more sophisticated over the last few years. “Good enough” will not work anymore.

Everyday companies are realizing that their Website is a prospect’s first impression. The need for quality, creativity and the ability to tell their unique story is a path to new business opportunities. The digital age has opened the door for more people to enjoy the craft of photography.

Advances in photography have allowed amateurs to create well-composed, exposed, and in-focus images. Good images. A creative professional photographer can take a business’s imagery to a higher plane. A level that will cut through the noise of average photography.

Quality stock photography can’t solve all of a business’s imagery needs. As a partial result of the consolidation of the stock industry, often original customized photography can be more cost-effective and satisfying to a company’s needs.

Detroit-based photographer Rosh Sillars prides himself on being easy to work with, a team player and respectful of his client’s time. He uses his years of experience as a corporate photographer to create custom images that stand out.

Photographing Architecture

Architectural Photography

Photographing architecture takes skill and advanced understanding of composition, perspective and light. Some architectural photographers only use sunlight. There is nothing wrong with the natural approach. In many cases, Rosh prefers to create images with beautiful natural light, especially for exteriors.

Interior Photography

However, when photographing interior architectural elements and spaces, it is important to understand the light provided by architects and designers, as well as, the light the environment offers and how to add light to enhance the vision of the architect, contractor, engineer, or designer.

Exterior Photography

Exterior photography takes patience and timing. The sun doesn't always cooperate with the planned photography day. This is why it's important to schedule multiple days or a range of days in which the photographer creates images.

Often early morning or evening before dusk is the best time for the photographer to create images of a house, building or structure.

It's also important to note the direction of the building. If a building is facing north in Detroit Michigan, then there is a small window of time to best create photographs with natural sunlight.

South is often good in either morning or evening photography. In some cases south-facing structures can be photographed anytime during the day. East-facing buildings are best captured in the morning and west-facing are best for evening photographs.

Architectural Post Production

Although there are lenses which are still best for architectural photography, photographers have much more flexibility with the types of equipment they use. In the film days, photographers needed larger format cameras, usually bellowed cameras and lots of filters for in front of their lens or to wrap around lights. There was a lot of pre-production and everything had to be perfect.

Today, with digital technology, photographers can lighten up on the pre-production and improve their architectural photographs through programs such as Photoshop.

Rosh does like to enhance his images such as removing distracting objects, adding light, color correction, and improving colors within the images.

Hiring Rosh For Architectural Photography

Rosh uses a per image pricing system for his architecture photography. In other words, you only pay for the images you like.

It's good to create a shot list for the photographer, make note of the important details you want to be photographed. If you plan to have Rosh photograph exteriors, please share the direction the building is facing.

If there is security or people who may be inconvenienced by having a photographer spend a half-day, day, or more on location. Be sure to consult with and make advanced arrangements with the contact person for the photographer. Once the job is awarded, it is common for the photographer to arrange the shoot dates with the home or business contact.

Once the photographs are created they are presented to the client on a custom website. You are welcome to request adjustments such as the moving of objects. In some cases, Rosh and his team have had to remove entire buildings for the photographs. Once images are selected, the final touched-up images are placed in a downloadable gallery.

We like to make hiring an architectural photographer an easy and rewarding experience, so you can present your work and portfolio with pride. High-quality photography helps or clients earn more business. It's a team effort.


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